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Best Argentinean Food In Miami

March 5, 2013 9:00 AM

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Beef is a huge staple in Argentinean cuisine, whether said food is found in native Argentina or right here in Miami. The cultural influence of the Latin American population in Miami has contributed to a wide variety of cuisine stylings, including Argentine fare. The best Argentinean food can be found spread throughout all neighborhoods of Miami, and don’t worry – there will be no shortage of chimichurri sauce. — Kimberly Porter

Rincon Argentino

Rincon Argentino

2345 s.w. 37th Ave
Coral Gables, FL 33145
(305) 444-2494
The genuine Argentine cuisine of this restaurant has kept locals coming back since 1987. As a family owned restaurant, the owner Miguel or his son is always around ready to talk to newcomers and oldies. The relaxed ambiance of the restaurant welcomes families, romantic dates or just a good time with friends. Make sure to try their famous “lengua a la vinaigrette.”

Las Vacas Gordas

Las Vacas Gordas

933 Normandy Dr
Miami Beach, FL 33141
(305) 867-1717
Known for it amazing “parillada”(steak), this Miami Beach restaurant is where many Argentine natives go to when they feel like visiting a piece of home. While the service may not be the best, the meat is what makes most come back. The place is a little loud but great to bring friends to watch a game or simply talk while sipping some of their Malbec wine from Mendoza, Argentina.

The Knife

The Knife Argentinean Steakhouse

3444 Main Highway
Miami, FL 33133
(786) 866-3999

The Knife Argentinean Steakhouse actually has five locations in and around Miami, with its Coconut Grove neighborhood locale being the most popular. The interior has a high, wood-beamed ceiling and the outdoor patio provides views of the lively street below. The fixed-price menu includes all-you-can-eat meat, salad bar, a dessert and beverage options – either two beers, a bottle of wine or refillable soft drinks – per person. The long salad bar takes up the center of the dining room, where patrons can create their own salad or try some traditional cold Argentinean appetizers. When you’re ready, take your plate to the big, open grill window and point out which slices of meat you’d like off the grill – you’ll have 35 different options to choose from. Lunch and dinner is served here seven days a week.

Che Tito’s

12018 Kendall Drive
Miami, FL 33186
(305) 271-7700

Che Tito’s is a local Miami favorite when it comes to Argentinean food. Located in the western suburban area of Kendall, Miami, Che Tito’s serves lunch and dinner daily. The food here mainly consists of meats and pastas, because while Argentinean food is chiefly known for its beef-base, it also takes influence from Italy as well. The interior is small and cozy, but the menu is large. Try the gnocchi with your choice of sauce or the spinach and ricotta ravioli – both come at very reasonable prices. However, you cannot go wrong with a traditional churrasco, which Che Tito’s serves both as a 16-ounce and an 8-ounce portion.

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  • lienne Paez

    La patagonia Argentina on nw 7th st and 40something ave in the airport area is also definitely a sight to visit. This quaint restaurant has the best organic vacio in town and their 50% off coupon for everyone makes it the most affordable option in town in this tight money economy. Great taste better price!

    • lienne

      No its not the same person. The second comment under me i sent it because the system made it seem like the comment did not go through?please delete it if.possible as it was not my intention for it to be posted twice.

      Susan is my roommate and im the first comment.
      In any case just expressing my point of view just the same as cbs does in many.occasions rightfully so.

      If anyone wishes to see dorm themselves its easy. Visit both restaurants weigh pros and cons and make up your.mind in an educated fashion like the rest of us. Hope you enjoy your dinner outings wherever they might be.

    • Aballah

      Seth,Isn’t it a red hierrng to shoot the messenger? In any case, I don’t feel better. Heck I just got shot! Bleedin’ here!

  • sue castle

    I agree with the above person. The knife in the grove is terrific but its the grove so much of your money is left at the table. I working the airport blue lagoon area next to sonesta hotel and the best place for lunch is patagonia Argentina on 7th st. They also have valet parking during lunch which is unheard of too free of charge. For 12 years I’ve been visiting this place and the owners have always waited on me!! I love the individual attention i receive. Great variety of wine too. Get a bottle for under 25! But really where these folks outdid themselves is with the 50%off coupon. Go in.person and speak to Carlos tell them Susan sent you!

  • lienne Paez

    I agree patagonia Argentina’s food and wine rocks my world!!
    The knife charges you 30 dollars for buffet? Save yourself the money and go to a place thats zagat rated and is cost effective without compromising the quality of a meal and its romantic environment.

    Yes definitely ask for the 50%off special!!!

  • Elliott1

    The Knife is $16.95 for buffet at lunch hour which is when Spaniards, Argentinians and most other cultures eat their main course meal. It is difficult to beat this price even with a stick! Meats are extraordinary if you know your cuts and just how you like them. I’ve seen people who know nothing about meat go to the grill window and ask: What’s that? If you know nothing about meat visit restaurants and become cognizant before you say it’s not worth the price. Chicken is not something you want to eat at a churrasqueria! No better salad bar in Miami than The Knife. No, I am not the owners, just a regular several times a week patron.

  • Jimbo99

    Texas y Brazil same format as The Knife, only more expensive. NMB has Arecode55, also Brazilian. To me there is little difference, sorry if that offends anyone.

  • Bill A.

    Half Moon has been closed for a while.

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