Company Hoping French-Style Yogurt Will Be Next Trendy ThingTake a trip to the grocery store and you'll see a number of yogurts reportedly inspired by other cultures.
"Sell By" Dates Up For DebateThe most confusing numbers at the grocery store are not the prices but the “sell by” dates on just about everything.
Chobani Recalls Some Yogurt Cups Over Mold Concerns Chobani, a popular Greek yogurt, has recalled several yogurt cups, a move prompted by reports of illnesses by some costumers.
Simple Recipes: Healthful Holiday TreatsThese four holiday recipes are both scrumptious and healthy.
Preparing Quick, Healthy Breakfast For KidsFor many families, mornings are hectic. There’s breakfast to consume, teeth to brush, shoes to tie, all before the mad dash to school. So how do you fit in a healthy breakfast?
Eat Your Way To A Flat BellyCall it a spare tire, a pot belly or muffin top. Belly fat plagues millions of men and women, but some say you can minimize your middle by eating certain foods.

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