Protesters march at the Democratic National Convention (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Opinion: Democrats Take Their Turn With Gaffes And Negative Press At Convention

Commonly referred to as “what goes around, comes around’, the Republicans are finding plenty to take shots at as the Democrats conduct their week in the ‘often dubious’ political spotlight called “the Convention”.


Australian founder of whistleblowing web

WikiLeaks May Target Bank Of America

According to WikiLeaks, they have a hard drive full of internal memos and documents that used to belong to a bank executive and if it is Bank of America, it could have negative impacts all the way down to South Florida.



Leaked Cables Shows Cuban Cooperation On Drug War

The treasure-trove of U.S. diplomatic documents from the Wikileaks website showed that the Cuban government works well with the U.S. Coast Guard on drug cases, but has “significant frustration” at the lack of cooperation on drug cases from the Jamaican government.