Palmetto Bomb Threat Shutdown

Public Sounds Off On Punishment For Palmetto Bomb Scare Suspect

The man accused of shutting down part of the Palmetto Expressway during last Friday’s evening rush hour is still in jail.



General Warns U.S. About Latin America

The head of the U.S. Southern Command, based in Miami, said the United States has to recognize an increasing threat from transnational criminal groups that have taken refuge across much of Latin America.



I-Team: Engines to the Enemy

Four family members have been indicted for trying to sell jet fighter engines here in Miami to eventually be shipped to Iran..a violation of federal law.



I-Team: Gun Bounty Cashes In By Getting Guns Off Street

A CBS4 I-Team investigation into your safety takes you behind the scenes of a unique crime fighting program that sounds familiar but is not.


I-Team: Gun Smugglers Take Aim At Miami

A CBS4 I-Team investigation into your safety has discovered that South Florida is quickly becoming known for more than just sun, surf and sand.

For years, Miami and South Florida were known as the center of the drug smuggling trade into the United States. They were known as the days of the Cocaine Cowboys.


State Admits “Anomalies” in Violence Numbers

Florida Education Officials now admit what the CBS4 I-Team first told you last week.

That violence data about our violence in our schools, which can be found posted on DOE’s website, doesn’t match the reality that police find on our campuses.

And state officials now admit the I-Team caught a big mistake when it comes


I-Team: The Full Truth On Violence In Schools

The stabbing at Coral Gables High School Tuesday morning now has many parents wondering exactly how safe their child’s school really is. The CBS4 I-Team uncovers disturbing evidence that parents are not getting the full truth about the violence in their schools. Investigator Stephen Stock explains.


I-Team Discovers Weapon Stolen From Luggage

A CBS4 I-Team investigation now raises serious security concerns about your safety when you fly.

Back in May the I-Team uncovered “Air Travel’s Dirty Little Secret” how often your luggage is ransacked and items stolen when you fly.

Now I-Team investigator Stephen Stock discovered those thefts include weapons that become loose in secure areas.