Water Moccasin

Coral Snake (upper left), Eastern Diamond Back Rattlesnake (upper right), Pygmy Rattlesnake (lower left), Water Moccasin (lower right). (Source: Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department)

Snakebite Season Has Arrived In South Florida

South Florida is known for being a terrific travel destination but visitors and natives alike need to know that snakebite season is here and the biting has already begun.

CBS Miami–04/14/2014

A teenager boy was bitten by this snake in Miramar Friday afternoon. (CBS4)

Teen Hospitalized After Being Bitten By Snake

A 16 year old is recovering in the hospital after a dangerous encounter with a venomous snake.



Pembroke Pines Woman Recovering From Snake Bite

Darlene Cyr-Cutrone walked outside Friday afternoon to clean up after her two boys — ages 14 and 11 — finished playing. As she picked up a chair laying in the grass, she felt a pinch on her left hand.


The woman was bitten by a cottonmouth snake, similar to this one shown, and was rushed to the hospital. (Source: Suncoast Herpetological Society)

Pembroke Pines Woman Recovering After Water Moccasin Snake Bite

A Pembroke Pines woman is in fair condition Saturday after she was bitten by a venomous snake in her backyard and hospitalized, authorities said.