(Source:AP/Rob Carr)

South Florida Celebrates Veterans Day

Veterans were honored with several events around South Florida Friday



Organizations Honor Veterans With Trip To Paris

More than two dozen injured veterans received a ceremonial sendoff at Miami International Airport Wednesday.



South Florida Events Remember Fallen On Memorial Day

South Florida spent the day honoring fallen heroes this Memorial Day.


The United States launched a missile strike on Libya March 19 (Source: AP)

Miami Reacts As USA And Allies Launch Missiles Into Libya

As the United States and its European allies pounded Libya with cruise missiles and airstrikes Saturday South Floridians reacted to the prospect of yet another war overseas


(Source: CBS4) Oscar Ramos hugs a loved on on Christmas day 2010

Local Soldier Home For The Holidays–Finally

There’s no place like home for the holidays. Just ask Oscar Ramos, a local soldier, who’s spending Christmas with his South Florida family.


Did You Thank A Vet Today?

Hey Everyone…. Did you thank a vet today?  I guess I’m awash in vet stories right now.  I just did a piece on the USS Jason Dunham.  That’s the newest guided missile destroyer in the […]



I-Team: Veteran’s Silver Star Snub

On Veterans Day, 2010, the CBS4 I-Team investigates the case of a local man who played a heroic role in World War II. Today, he owns one of the rarest historical artifacts from that time, while he waits on one of the rarest military commendations which eludes him.


Highway Hijackers Target Cargo

It’s become the new Miami vice. Cocaine Cowboys turned to Highway Hijackers, and it is now the costliest crime in America.

This crime means more in losses in America than every robbery, larceny, grand theft and burglary combined, but few people have ever heard about it.

The CBS4 I-Team uncovered what some cops call America’s next big Homeland Security crisis.