Bill Giving UF & FSU Power To Raise Tuition Advances In House

The University of Florida and Florida State University could soon have the power to set higher tuition rates than the state’s other universities.



Fla. House Plans 8-Percent Tuition Hike

Pitting the chamber against the wishes of Gov. Rick Scott, the House Appropriations Committee has approved a spending plan that calls for an 8-percent college tuition increase, continuing an effort to shift more of the cost in higher education to students instead of taxpayers.


(Source: AP)

Legislature Has Authority To Set Tuition Rates

College students hoping to keep the state legislature from setting tuition rates were dealt a setback Wednesday.



Florida Lawmakers Offer Dream Act Bill

Two Democratic state lawmakers, one from Miami, have offered a bill for the 2012 legislative session that would create a pathway for undocumented immigrants to get in-state tuition.



Florida State Universities Lock In 15 Percent Tuition Hike

If you have a student in a Florida state college or university, or if you’re headed to school this fall, you’ll be paying more for your education. For the third year in a row, undergraduate students at Florida universities will pay 15 percent more in tuition.



Florida College Tuition On The Rise, Again

Students, get ready to shell out more for a college education in the state of Florida.



Fla. Universities Eyeing 7 Percent Tuition Increase

Trustees at six of Florida’s 11 state universities have unanimously agreed to raise tuition by 7 percent. That’s on top of an 8 percent increase ordered by the Legislature for the next academic year.



Legislature Cuts To Dim “Bright Futures” Luster

If your child was depending on a Bright Futures scholarship in the years ahead, you should be considering how you’re going to make up for the cuts approved in the Florida Legislature.



Legislature To Cut Bright Futures Scholarships

The future of Florida’s Bright Futures scholarship program doesn’t appear to be so bright.



Students Tapping Offbeat Ways To Raise College Money

Parents and students no longer have to rely solely on traditional loans because of some unique and creative ways to cover the high cost of tuition.