Fla. Immigrant Tuition Ruling Won’t Be Appealed

Florida’s public colleges and universities must stop charging higher tuition to the dependent children of illegal immigrants living in the state following a State Board of Education decision Tuesday not to appeal a federal court decision.



Study: More Americans Drowning In College Debt

A newly released study shows a record number of households, one in five, now face college debt.



Florida Prepaid Tuition Program Cost Rises 11 Percent

The new, recently-raised cost of for four years of prepaid classes at a state university: $331.59 a month for the next 18 years, an 11 percent increase over last year’s price.


(Source: CBS)

Scott’s Education Task Force Considers Tuition Increases

A higher education task force formed by Gov. Rick Scott is discussing a number of proposals, including higher tuition and different rates depending on a student’s academic field, before they make their final recommendations.



Judge Rejects Higher Tuition For Children Of Illegal Immigrants

A Miami federal judge has found that Florida is violating the constitutional rights of American-born children of illegal immigrants by requiring them to pay higher tuition rates than other students at state colleges and universities.



Fla. Board Approves Differing University Tuition Increases

A splintered Florida Board of Governors approved a variety of tuition increases for 11 of the state’s 12 public universities following a chaotic meeting that featured changing votes and shifting coalitions.



FAU Votes To Raise Tuition 15 Percent

Florida Atlantic University, located in Boca Raton, is raising the price of tuition once again.



UF & FSU Given Wide Latitude To Raise Tuition

The Florida House of Representatives has approved a plan to give Florida’s two major research universities, the University of Florida and Florida State University, wide power to raise tuition.



Despite Tuition Increases, College Enrollment Rises

While tuition may be going up in Florida universities, so are enrollment rates.



FL University Presidents Warn Of Closures If Spending Cuts Persist

The budget passed out of the Florida Senate last week slashes state funding to the eleven public universities by $400 million.