Tuition Costs

Governor Rick Scott

Scott’s “Finish In Four” Plan Aims To Reel In College Costs

As part of Gov. Rick Scott’s budget, the governor is cracking down on the soaring cost of college tuition with a not-so-crazy idea: tuition should be the same when students graduate as when they start.


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Gov. Scott To Universities: Stop Hiking Tuition

In an effort to keep tuition costs down, Gov. Scott plans to tie state universities’ money to how well they do on helping students get a job.


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Gov. Scott Task Force OKs Determining Tuition By Degree Sought

An agreement has been reached by an education task force assembled by Gov. Scott regarding how to lower tuition costs.



Florida Prepaid Tuition Program Cost Rises 11 Percent

The new, recently-raised cost of for four years of prepaid classes at a state university: $331.59 a month for the next 18 years, an 11 percent increase over last year’s price.