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Tropical Storm

Tropical Depression 11 as of 11 p.m.  September 29, 2013.  (Source:

Tropical Depression #11 Meandering Around Atlantic

Tropical Depression #11 remains far out in Central Atlantic Ocean and poses no threat to land.


11 p.m. location of Tropical Storm Humberto. September 16, 2013. (Source:

Humberto Stalled Over Open Ocean

Humberto reformed into a tropical storm, Monday morning, but stalled and weakened some Monday night. It is stationary.

CBS Miami–09/16/2013

5 p.m. position of Tropical Storm Ingrid on 9/13/13. (Source:

Parts Of Mexico Under Hurricane Watch

The ninth tropical storm of the season is pounding eastern Mexico with heavy rains, and after a Hurricane Hunter Aircraft flew through the storm, the tropical storm watch for parts of Mexico have been changed to hurricane watch.

CBS Miami–09/13/2013

Tropical Depression Gabrielle is moving quickly toward Canada as of 11 a.m. advisory.   (Source:

Gabrielle No Longer A Tropical Cyclone

Gabrielle racing northward in the Atlantic. The storm system weakened into a depression early Friday, and then just remnants that will bring heavy rain to Canada.

CBS Miami–09/13/2013

5 p.m. advisory, Tropical Depression number 10 has formed and will move toward Mexico.  September 12, 2013.  (Source:

Tropical Depression 10 Forms In Gulf

Tropical Depression 10 has formed in the southern Gulf of Mexico.

CBS Miami–09/12/2013

5 p.m. advisory, Hurricane Humberto is moving north and is expected to turn more west northwest and weaken to a tropical storm.  September 12, 2013 (Source:

Hurricane Humberto Should Weaken Soon

Hurricane Humberto, the first hurricane of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season is expected to become a tropical storm, Friday.


5 p.m. advisory, Tropical Storm Gabrielle is expected to speed up and impact maritime Canada. September 12, 2013.  (Source:

Gabrielle Maintains Tropical Storm Strength

Gabrielle, which weakened late Wednesday into a tropical depression, regained strength and is maintaining Tropical Storm status Thursday afternoon.


Tropical Storm Gabrielle forecast track as of 9/11 at 5 p.m. (Source:

Gabrielle Weakens As It Moves Away From Bermuda

Tropical Storm Gabrielle is slowly weakening as it slowly drifts westward.


Tropical Depression Gabrielle as of 11pm on September 5, 2013. (Source:

Tropical Depression Gabrielle Dissipates

Tropical Depression Gabrielle has dissipated, according to the National Weather Service.

CBS Miami–09/05/2013

Tropical Depression Erin degenerated to a remnant low as of the 5:00 p.m. advisory from the National Hurricane Center.

Erin Weakens To Remnant Low

Tropical Depression Erin, the fifth named storm of the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season, has become a remnant low.