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Tropical Storm

The forecast track of Subtropical Storm Melissa as of 11/18 at 5 p.m.  (Source:

Subtropical Storm Melissa Forms In Atlantic

Many people have November 30th circled on their calendars because it’s the end of the hurricane season. But before we wrap it up, forecasters are keeping tabs on a subtropical storm which formed in the northern Atlantic on Monday.


Tropical Storm Lorenzo forecast track as of 10/23 at 11 a.m. (Source:

Tropical Storm Lorenzo Weakens

Tropical Storm Lorenzo began to weaken Wednesday morning. At 11 a.m., the 13th tropical storm of the season was about 955 miles east of Bermuda.


Tropical Storm Lorenzo 10/22 at 11 a.m. (Source:

Tropical Storm Lorenzo Strengthens A Bit

Tropical Storm Lorenzo strengthened a bit Tuesday morning, but it’s still a fish storm heading away from us.


The 11 p.m. advisory for Tropical Storm Lorenzo. (Source:

Tropical Storm Lorenzo Forms In The Atlantic

The 13th Tropical Storm of the season formed in the Atlantic Ocean Monday.


The National Hurricane Center has issued its last advisory for Karen. (Source:

Bye, Bye Karen

The National Hurricane Center has issued its last advisory for Karen.



Tropical Storm Karen Losing Punch In Gulf

The latest advisory has Tropical Storm Karen, the 11th name storm of the 2013 hurricane season, lost some strength Friday night.

CBS Miami–10/04/2013

Tropical Storm Karen as of the 11 p.m. advisory October 3, 2013.  (Source:

Tropical Storm Karen Moving Toward Gulf Coast States

A hurricane watch and tropical storm warning are in effect after Tropical Storm Karen formed in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico Thursday morning.

CBS Miami–10/03/2013

Tropical Depression 11 as of 11 p.m.  September 29, 2013.  (Source:

Tropical Depression #11 Meandering Around Atlantic

Tropical Depression #11 remains far out in Central Atlantic Ocean and poses no threat to land.


11 p.m. location of Tropical Storm Humberto. September 16, 2013. (Source:

Humberto Stalled Over Open Ocean

Humberto reformed into a tropical storm, Monday morning, but stalled and weakened some Monday night. It is stationary.

CBS Miami–09/16/2013

5 p.m. position of Tropical Storm Ingrid on 9/13/13. (Source:

Parts Of Mexico Under Hurricane Watch

The ninth tropical storm of the season is pounding eastern Mexico with heavy rains, and after a Hurricane Hunter Aircraft flew through the storm, the tropical storm watch for parts of Mexico have been changed to hurricane watch.

CBS Miami–09/13/2013