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Hidden Dangers: Do You Know What’s In Your Home?

For every product or food item in your house how many chemicals are listed on the label?



Toxic Treat Warning For Dog Owners

Nearly 1,000 dogs have reportedly died this year after eating popular dog treats. Even though the Food and Drug Administration recently sent investigators to China where the suspicious treats are made. the cause of the illness is still unknown.


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Sharks Unearth Clues Into Human Diseases

As a top marine researcher, Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, scours the oceans in search of sharks. She studies the mythical sea creatures to discover how their ailments could be linked to the development of human diseases.



Tests Show Areas Around Toxic Liberty City Park Also Contaminated

A hidden danger under a Miami park had parents and community leaders expressing outrage.



‘Super Plants’ Help To Clear The Air

Plants have long been used medicinally, but a group of plants are now being recognized as “super plants” for what they can do to clear the air.



Toxins Found In Soil Closes Liberty City Park

It’s a hidden danger under a Miami Park. One community is outraged after learning their neighborhood harbors dangerous toxins.


(Source: CBS4) Children in a Florida classroom

AAP: Kids Are Being Exposed To Dangerous Chemicals

A leading pediatricians group claims the government isn’t doing enough to protect children from harmful chemicals in food and household items, according to a new report released Monday.