Toxic Tush

Police arrested Oneal Ron Morris, 30, after they said he allegedly injected a substance consisting of cement, “fix-a-flat,” mineral oil, and “super glue,” into his victim’s buttocks for cosmetic surgery and then sealed the incision with “super glue." The story also made its way on CBS' Dr.Phil show. Read more: (Source: Miami Gardens PD)

Hearing For Alleged Butt Boosting Doc Reset Until January

Oneal Morris, the person who allegedly carried out buttocks enhancements by injecting South Florida “patients” with Fix-a-Flat, cement and other toxic substances was expected in court Friday but the hearing was reset until January 19th.


Corey Eubank is accused of assisting a fake doctor with injecting dangerous substances into people seeking buttocks enhancement surgery (Source: Miami Gardens Police)

Alleged Accomplice In Toxic Tush Case Appears In Court

One of the two men charged with using cement and fix-a-flat to cosmetically enhance the buttocks of several people in the South Florida transsexual community made an appearance in court Monday.


(Source: Miami Gardens PD) Oneal Ron Harris, charged with practicing medicine without a license, is claimed to have used cement and glue, among other substances, to enhance the bottocks of at least one patient. He is believed to have done similar work on himself.

Accused Fake Doc Denies Toxic Tush Enhancement Allegations

The accused fake doctor who allegedly injected people with Fix-a-Flat and cement is talking and she has a very different story from her accusers.




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