Tort Reform

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Limits On Health Lawsuits Move In Florida House

you want to sue a doctor or hospital over the care you received, it may be a lot tougher if action taken by the Florida House Friday becomes law. Legislators moved forward on two bills that would help shield doctors, hospitals and nursing homes from costly lawsuits.

CBS Miami–04/29/2011

Rick Scott State Of The State Address

Scott Delivers First State Of The State

Florida Governor delivered his first State of the State speech Tuesday night amidst a growing concern over the depth of cuts and the path Florida will chart in the next few years.


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Child Services Tort Reform Being Considered

While the GOP-controlled Florida Legislature works on capping lawsuit awards for medical malpractice, lawmakers are also proposing capping damages that could be assessed against Florida’s community-based care organizations.


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Medical Malpractice In Legislature’s Crosshairs

Florida lawmakers are pushing tort reform front and center as they consider a proposal that would shield hospitals from malpractice lawsuits if they contract with doctors who end up harming patients.