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Top Ways To Celebrate Rosh Hashanah In South Florida

Rosh Hashanah falls on Sunday, Sept. 13 through Tuesday, Sept. 15 this year. This article provides services, restaurants and a recipe that are all worthwhile ways to celebrate the Jewish New Year.


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Top Travel Agencies In South Florida

Planning a vacation or a corporate retreat can be very stressful. There are so many tiny details that have to be handled. So why not let someone else do the stressing for you? Travel agents are trained to handle all the details of planning a vacation or corporate function so that the client can just sit back and enjoy themselves on their vacation or retreat.


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Top Free Labor Day Events In South Florida

Make the most of Labor Day by saving money and spending it with family and friends. Here are some free events happening Labor Day Weekend throughout South Florida.


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Top Weekend Activities For Seniors In South Florida

For senior citizens, there are many perks of living in South Florida. First, there’s the climate, which is also one of the reasons Miami Beach became prominent as one of the top destinations for seniors to retire. With that in mind, here are the top weekend activities for South Florida seniors to partake in.


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Top Mexican Restaurants In South Florida

Enjoy the tastes of Mexico without having to cross the Mississippi river and go West. Journey to these five restaurants around South Florida to indulge in burritos, tacos, quesadillas, etc.


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Top All-Day Breakfast Restaurants In South Florida

Check out these five restaurants to break with routine and eat breakfast all day long


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Top DIY Pottery In South Florida

Surrounded by natural beauty, South Floridians live life inspired and very much in touch with their artistic side. Hence, with DIY pottery being so popular these days, the emergence of ceramic studios all across South Florida comes as no surprise.


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Top Family Activities In South Florida To Do Before The Summer Ends

School will not be out for summer much longer. Take your child out for an exciting activity involving water, wildlife and more that will make your child feel that their summer was well spent.


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Top Upcoming Dinner Theater Performances In South Florida

Dinner theaters in South Florida provide a wide array of theatrical performances where the art of cuisine and entertainment merge together. South Florida is all about immersing into its marvelous beaches, fabulous restaurants and romantic waterfront views.


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Ask A South Florida Expert: How To Find The Perfect Babysitter

Finding someone you can trust is incredibly important, especially when it comes to the person who watches over your children. But not to worry, this South Florida expert has the 5 ideal tips in finding the perfect babysitter.