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Haitian-born Edwidge Danticat (Credit: courtesy of Edwidge Danticat)

Best Local Authors In Miami

When the annual Miami International Book Fair occurs at the Miami Dade College – Wolfson campus every November, it becomes overwhelmingly apparent just how many writers could qualify for best local authors in Miami.


Singer-songwriter Jim Camacho is a longtime Miami favorite who performs at local venues with acoustic guitar. (Credit:

Best Local Songwriters In Miami

The eclectic Miami music scene bubbles with songwriters of many cultures and musical genres.

CBS Miami–01/23/2012

Ricardo Paul Llosa is a Cuban-born poet and art critic. (Credit: )

Best Local Poets In Miami

Several decades ago, choosing the best local poets in Miami might have been easy. Simply put, there weren’t that many versifiers ‘round these subtropical parts. But given the advent of undergraduate guiding lights it’s a tough contest.

CBS Miami–01/09/2012

Gross spouts hilarious hard truths about women, men, UTIs, relationships and “midget” men. (Credit:

Best Local Comics In Miami

Miami isn’t exactly bursting with homegrown comedians and those who come here to practice the art. However, Miami does have its share of laughmeisters who perform at local comedy clubs and anywhere else they can get an audience.

CBS Miami–12/22/2011

The man behind Teepee is Eric Lopez-Zareno. (Credit:

Best Local Musicians In Miami

Miami has a diverse music scene, with festivals ranging from hip-hop to electronic and everyone on the pop and rock scene touring through. Our best local musicians show such variety too, with influences in jazz, Latin culture, indie rock and more.

CBS Miami–12/04/2011

If it’s magic, Martin Brill can do it. (Credit:

Top Local Magicians In Miami

Whether you’re looking to book a kid’s birthday party or a grown-up event, nothing says entertainment quite like a magician. But, good magicians don’t just appear out of a hat. You have to know where to look.

CBS Miami–12/06/2010

Miami native Raffa Jo Harris performs solo and as part of a popular local folk duo called Raffa and Rainer. (Credit: Raffa & Rainer)

Best Local Folk Singers In Miami

Miami has a massive music scene; as such a major destination, every act on tour wants to come through this city. What is often overlooked, however, is the thriving local music scene. A couple of the best local folk singers in Miami are Rachel Goodrich and duo Raffa & Rainer.

CBS Miami–12/06/2010