Teacher Evaluations

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Court To Hear Arguments In Teacher Evaluation Case

A federal appeals court is expected to hear arguments in the battle on the constitutionality of a system which tied teacher evaluations to student performance in Florida.


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State Officials Begin 3-Day Education Summit

With Florida’s public-school system facing major questions, state officials are gathering in Clearwater for a hastily-arranged, three-day summit to address pending issues.

CBS Miami–08/26/2013


Florida Teachers Union Opposing Evaluation Rule

The battle over teacher evaluations and merit pay takes center stage in Tallahassee Wednesday.


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Miami-Dade Teachers Approve Performance Pay In 2nd Vote

Miami-Dade teachers who received “Race to the Top” merit pay bonuses will be allowed to keep the money following a contract re-ratification vote on Tuesday.



Miami-Dade Teachers Union To Revote On Performance Pay

There’s a big vote planned Tuesday for the Miami-Dade Teachers Union. Teachers are going to re-vote on contract ratifications. There are three measures teachers will be voting on; “Race to the Top” bonus plans, health insurance, and teacher evaluations.


(Source: CBS4) Children in a Florida classroom

State Poised To Approve New Teacher Evaluations

Florida teachers will learn Wednesday about the new test-based teacher evaluation formula that the state is set to approve.