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Miami-Dade Commissioners Hold First Public Hearing For Budget

Miami-Dade County commissioners will hold the first of two public budget meetings on Tuesday.

CBS Miami–09/10/2013

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You’re Paying For Man To Stay In Broward Jail So He’s Warm

When it gets cold, Broward County Jail workers can count on Bruce Alan Hodgson to pay them a visit…several times.


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Politicians Push Bill To Help States Collect Online Sales Tax

A group of Republicans and Democrats yesterday reintroduced a federal bill that could cost online retailers and customers more money.


Sources: Mayor, Fins Agree No Tax-Funded Stadium Without Vote

If your tax dollars will be used to build a new stadium for the Dolphins, voters will have to approve it, according to sources with deep knowledge of the controversial plan.


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What You Need To Know About Amendment 8

All week CBS4 has been taking a closer look at the 11 constitutional amendments on your November ballot. The questions include major changes to property taxes, abortion rights, and the separation of church and state. This article focuses on Amendment 8.


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Fla. Charter Schools Could Get Tax Money To Build Under Senate Plan

A bill that would require school districts to give tax money raised by property assessments to charter schools to pay for construction costs, and allow high-performing schools to create up to 3 schools a year moved up in the Senate Monday.



I-Team: You Can Run But You Can’t Hide: Medicare Fraud Fugitives Caught

Federal authorities are calling it the largest international Medicare fraud bust to date. The arrests out of Bogota, Colombia, follow a joint investigation into Medicare fraud by the CBS4 I-Team and CBS’s newsmagazine 60 MINUTES.


I-Team: Aviation Insecurity – The Open Back Door

When TSA (Transportation Security Administration) was first created, the federal agency employed about 16,500 people. Now, critics on Capitol Hill tell the I-Team that there are more than 61,000 people working at TSA.

Since it was founded TSA has spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars on aviation security around the country.

But while all this focus on the front door, the check points of the nation’s airline system, critics say security efforts have completely missed the back door, perimeters at airports where comparatively little money and effort have been invested.


Dead Farmers Get Millions From Tax Dollars

It’s no secret that many times the federal government can spend your tax dollars in ways that might leave you scratching your head or even make you angry.

But wait until you hear what I-Team Investigator Stephen Stock dug up and who is getting your money now.


I-Team: Tracking The Florida Stimulus Money Trail

A CBS4 I-Team investigation into your money discovered dozens of questionable ways your tax dollars are being spent as part of the US government’s Stimulus package. While the Stimulus bill was touted by Congress and […]