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Infant Massage (Source: CBS4)

Talking Baby: Infant Massage

In today’s Talking Baby, we are looking at infant massage. It sounds like a way to spoil your baby, but it turns out it offers a lot of health benefits as well.


Talking Baby  (Source: CBS4)

Talking Baby: Baby Reflux

In this edition of “Talking Baby”, we’ve all eaten things that didn’t agree with us. Perhaps you’ve gotten heartburn or nausea? Imagine a tiny baby having to deal with reflux. It’s more common than you might think.


Zumbini  (Source: CBS4)

Talking Baby With Rhiannon: Zumbini Helps New Moms & Babies Bond

CBS4’s Rhiannon Ally introduces baby Roman to Zumbini as a great bonding experience with her beautiful baby boy.


Kim and North West Kardashian  (Source: Instagram/KimKardashian)

Talking Baby: Mom Shaming

Whether it’s the Jolie-Pitt bunch or Prince George, we all look at celebrity kids and dissect every aspect of their mom and dad’s parenting decisions. But do we judge celebrity moms too harshly? CBS4 Morning anchor Rhiannon Ally spoke with Sarah Bernard, Baby Center’s Lifestyle, Pop Culture and Trends contributor to find out if we all need to stop mom-shaming celebs.


Rhiannon & Roman (Source: CBS4)

Talking Baby: Get A Mommy & Baby Work Out At Belly-N-Kicks

In this week’s Talking Baby as a new mom CBS4 Morning Anchor Rhiannon Ally realized it’s hard to find time to workout. She went to Belly-N-Kicks in Brickell, a place for moms and moms-to-be to workout.


Blake Seits wore two specials helmets to correct a flat spot on his head. (Source: CBS4)

Talking Baby: Flat Spots On Your Baby’s Head

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – As if parents don’t have enough to worry about, more and more babies are developing flat spots on the backs of their head. To correct the problem, parents are paying big bucks […]


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Talking Baby: Picking The Right Name

New parents-to-be know how hard it can be to choose a name for their baby. It can be tricky, exciting, and downright stressful because some experts say a baby’s name could impact their future.

CBS Miami–01/22/2014

Dog (Source: CBS4)

Talking Baby: Introducing The Dog & The Baby

In this week’s “Talking Baby”, CBS4 Morning Anchor Rhiannon Ally focuses on bringing the baby home from the hospital. Not only will your life change forever, so will your dog’s.


Grocery Shopping (Source: CBS4)

Talking Baby: Holiday Foods For Mothers-To-Be

This week on Talking Baby, CBS4 Morning Anchor, Rhiannon Ally, takes a look at holiday foods pregnant women should avoid to keep mom and baby healthy.


Leslie and Josh Katz opted for a water birth to deliver their daughter Grace. (Source: Leslie Katz)

Talking Baby: Water Births

s CBS4 continue our special series “Talking Baby,” one of the things morning anchor Rhiannon Ally has learned is that there are many options to choose when it comes to bringing a baby into this world.