Super Kids

Super Kid Ricky White (Source: CBS4)

Super Kid Ricky White Dances His Way Out Of Hard Times

He is a “Superkid” who is dancing on air. One could say he has lept out of hard times, a poor and rough neighborhood, raised by a young widow. Neighborhood bets were on Ricky White growing up to be a troubled kid. But as Chief Investigative Reporter Michele Gillen has found, he’s being recognized as a superstar and already helping those dancing behind him.


Tracey Dominique dreams of becoming a pediatrician and returning to Haiti to help children in-need. (Source: CBS4)

CBS4 Super Kid Tracey Dominique Takes Aim At Changing The World

With the voice of an angel, a 16-year-old girl named Tracey Dominique sings of love and dreams of a world where children feel safe and are cared for—especially the children of Haiti.


Kyle Weintraub on the VGo Learning Robot. He's in Philadelphia undergoing treatments for cancer while attending class in Davie via the robot. (Source: CBS4)

White House Festival Features Film On Student Attending Class By Robot

Students from a school in Davie are heading to Washington D.C. to feature their short film at the White House Student Film Festival.


CBS4 Super Kid Deborah Perez (Source: CBS4)

CBS4 Super Kid Deborah Perez Becomes Inspiration For Other Children

his is a Christmas tale that will melt your heart and break it as well. A new found family of CBS4 Super Kids gathered to meet for the first time to celebrate the holidays and treasure of a girl. As child advocates, teachers and community leaders will tell you, Deborah Perez is an inspirational young woman who is a pied piper for children all year round.

CBS Miami–12/23/2013

CBS4 Super Kid Michael Williams (Source: CBS4)

CBS4 Super Kid Soars Above Adversity To Achieve Dream

here was a time in life when 18-year-old Michael Williams did not want to look into his eyes, afraid of what he might see. That is no longer the case for this CBS4 Super Kid. Eyes shining with hope, wearing a broad a smile and braces, today he says he is proud to look into a mirror.

CBS Miami–10/14/2013

Griselda Remos, also known as Zelda, is the CBS4 News Super Kid of the month for September. (Source: CBS4)

South Florida Super Kid Zelda Is True Inspiration

You might think 17-years old is a bit young to be so legendary, that you’re known in schools across the country by just your first name, but that’s exactly the case for a young South Florida teen named Zelda.

CBS Miami–09/10/2013

CBS4's Michele Gillen, Brandon Burke and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Source: CBS4/Michele Gillen)

CBS4 Shines Spotlight On Super Kids

A young man who had a tough life growing up learned to not let his past control his future. Today, he works to help other kids, just like him, have a better tomorrow.

CBS Miami–08/05/2013