Super Committee

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Sequester Cuts Set To Impose Austerity On Florida & U.S.

It’s an arcane budget term, but the sequester, is set to fundamentally reshape federal spending in ways that could set the economy on a path back to recession. The sequester is the beginning of a scheduled decade of financial austerity like has been seen in Europe in recent years.

CBS Miami–02/25/2013

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Super Committee’s Failure Infuriates South Floridians

At Pete’s barber shop in Pinecrest today there was a big lunch-time crowd getting spruced up for Thanksgiving, but not at all thankful for the gridlock that has gripped Washington as Congress fails to deal with jobs and the deficit.



Everyone May Feel Sting From Super Cmte. Failure

After the Congressional super committee finished off it’s expected failure to come to any agreement; the immediate question became what next?