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The Vodka Gummy Bears Generation

The newest fad teens are using to get drunk seems to have old ingredients. It uses a candy they loved as a child, and now, may found a new reason to love as they approach adulthood.


(Source: Mary Anne Game/CBS4 Viewer) Lightrning explodes from a spectacular thunderhead over Barnes Sound Road, along US1 in the upper Keys.

After Record Highs, Fall Weather Arriving

After a day where the record high was tied in Miami and thunderstorms swept through the Keys to Palm Beach County, Saturday is expected to see a change in the weather dramatic enough to say Fall has arrived in South Florida, at last.



Drought-Damaged Florida Sugar Harvest Begins

On the southern shores of Lake Okeechobee, an all out effort started Saturday to harvest one of the sweetest crops in the nation, as South Florida’s sugar cane harvest started. The round-the-clock effort has been affected by drought and last winter’s freezing temperatures.


Childhood Obesity

Pediatricians Rip Media For Increasing Childhood Obesity

MIAMI ( – The American Academy of Pediatrics has taken aim at the media saying television ads for sugary and fatty foods are playing a role in the childhood obesity epidemic in a new policy […]


What’s more gourmet than McDonald’s? In 1996, the Golden Arches started cooking up fancier burger (with its own $100 million advertising campaign), which tanked, causing Mickey Ds some heartache. (AP Photo/Chris Gardner)

Cafe Con Leche Now Available At McDonald’s

The next time you have that Big Mac, you can also grab a cup of café con leche at all South Florida McDonald’s.



Learn How To Sugar Proof Your Diet

Sugar isn’t good for your diet but there are ways for sugar lovers to sugar proof your diet.


Wind turbines may be the wave of the future in Florida power sources (Source:Stephan Savoia/ AP)

Florida Sugar Lands To Get Wind Turbines

Land that used to supply satisfaction to America’s sweet tooth is soon to be addressing a different appetite- one for electric power, thanks to a $250 million wind project.


U.S. Sugar said they will only be able to harvest 60 percent of this year's crop.  (Source: U.S. Sugar)

Cold Snap Severely Damaged Sugar Crop

While farmers in southern Miami-Dade may have suffered minimal damage from our recent cold snap, it’s a very different story for the sugarcane crop.