Hollywood Doctor Reveals Secrets To Fighting Fatigue

If you are tired of being tired and want more energy, a California doctor is revealing her secrets to fighting fatigue.


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Something Extra: Enough With All That Homework!

Are your kids staying up way too late doing their homework? And are you stuck working with them even after you’ve worked all day?


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Traveling Therapist Hits Road To Help

From long-lines at shopping malls to the relationships at home; the holidays can bring about a stress level that is almost too much for most people.



Less May Be More When It Comes To Household Clutter

You’ve heard all about hoarders. Well, there’s a growing group of people doing exactly the opposite…they’re purging their property as a way to eliminate stress by simplifying their lives.



Top 10 Most, Least Stressful Jobs

A new internet report lists the most stressful jobs and four of the top 10 most stressful professions are media-related. But let’s start at the top.



Study: Facebook May Have Negative Impact On Mood

Have you ever looked at your friends’ ‘perfect’ facebook pages and wondered why your life isn’t perfect? Well a new study suggests that these sites could have a negative impact on your mood, and end up causing more distress.



Holiday Season, Break-Up Season?

Broken hearted during the holidays? Turns out if you’ve decided to end a relationship or if you’ve been dumped – you’re not alone.


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Stress, Recession, & Holidays Adding Up

Between the jobless recovery from the recession and the holiday season, stress could be causing depression problems across the country. But, there are ways to deal with it.


The holidays can be a very stressful time for some people.

Secret Signs Of Stress

Ah, the holidays – endless hours of shopping for just the right gifts, entertaining and eating tons of holiday treats. Feeling a little stressed out?


FAST FACTS: Handling Road Rage

(CBS4) — Big city driving can be tough anywhere you live, but in places like Miami, where international drivers, constant construction, and the tropical heat can combine with jammed up traffic, rage is almost expected. […]