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More Doctors Incorporating Stress Management In Practices

A study has found 10 percent of adults do nothing to manage their stress, but doctors are now incorporating stress management into their practices to help their patients.


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Broken Heart Syndrome Really Does Exist

How many times have you heard someone say they’re so sad about something that they have a broken heart? More often than not, they don’t really have a broken heart but it can actually happen. Broken heart syndrome is a serious medical condition caused by sadness.


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Small Changes Can Help Get Rid Of Smartphone Stress

The advantages of owning a smartphone are far and wide but do smartphones cause stress?

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Popular Camel Dies At Zoo Miami

A camel frequently used for rides by Zoo Miami park visitors died Tuesday after becoming septic from a recent fall.


Dr. Marc Greenfield, psychologist, discusses the lasting effects of tragic events like the Boston Bombings. (CBS4)

Focus on South Florida: Boston Bombings

A psychologist shares his expertiese about how children & adults can cope with the stress & the trauma associated with tragic events like the Boston Marathon bombings.

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The silent retreat requires attendees to go on a  trip and take a vow of silence. (Source: CBS4)

Silent Retreat Vacation May Provide More Relaxation

A new way of vacationing may be the answer to a lot of problems for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the loud chaos in their life – and all it requires you to do is simply tune out the noise.



Research: Telling Lies Can Make You Physically Sick

Little white lies… or big scandal headline size lies: it doesn’t matter the size. As CBS4’s Cynthia Demos explains, all lies can impact your health.


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Researchers Link Teen Bullying To Middle Age Medical Issues

Sad school days are now being linked to illness in middle age.


An alternative psychotherapy treatment called EFT, which stands for "emotional freedom technique, also known as "tapping" is said to relieve stress. (CBS4)

Tapping Away Anxiety and Stress

Imagine being able to instantly zap all your stress and anxiety away with just a simple touch of your fingers. Sound too good to be true? Well, a new form of psychotherapy may be able to help you do just that.



Hollywood Doctor Reveals Secrets To Fighting Fatigue

If you are tired of being tired and want more energy, a California doctor is revealing her secrets to fighting fatigue.