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Fort Lauderdale Pushing To Clean Up Stranahan Park

Stranahan Park is Fort Lauderdale’s front porch, it’s the first thing you see as you enter the heart of downtown. It’s named after the city founders and is considered to be a serene tropical park. But just a few months ago, it was an eyesore.


(Photo Illustration by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

Report: Cactus Being Used To Help Deal With Homeless

The city of Fort Lauderdale has been trying to clean up the image of Stranahan Park for years, and now, they’re relying on a plant that could leave some feeling a little bit prickly.

CBS Miami–07/03/2012


Lauderdale Commission Gives Thumbs Up To Panhandling Measure

Ft. Lauderdale’s city commission has taken the first step to give the bum’s rush to beggars in the city.


Panhandling Sign

Lauderdale Commission To Discuss Anti-Panhandling Measure

Street beggars in Fort Lauderdale may soon be banned from panhandling if the city agrees on Tuesday to enact tough new restrictions.


(Source: CBS)

Lauderdale Commission To Discuss Anti-Panhandling Measure

Ft. Lauderdale will take the first step this week towards a ban on begging throughout the city. On Tuesday, city commissioners will begin discussion on a proposal which would bar panhandling at city parks, parking garages and near ATMs and cafes.



Ft. Lauderdale Commission To Discuss Homeless Problem

A plan to rid panhandlers from the city of Fort Lauderdale goes before city commissioners Tuesday.



Fort Lauderdale Searching For Solution To Homeless Problem

If you started seeing more Fort Lauderdale Police officers patrolling the area around Stranahan Park this week, it’s no accident.



Lauderdale Commission To Discuss Downtown Homeless Problem

Concerned about the city’s image and its impact on downtown businesses, the Ft. Lauderdale commission is expected to discuss the growing population of homeless people at Stranahan Park during their meeting Tuesday evening.



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