Stephen Stock

Planes that come too close -- How dangerous is this dilemna?

Near Mid-Air Collisions

Tonight, November 2 on CBS4 News at 11 PM. The number of airplanes coming close to colliding in mid-air (called NMAC or Near Mid-Air Collisions) has skyrocketed… CBS4 Investigates uncovers one such incident involving two […]



I-Team: Veterans Charity Questioned

They wear U.S. military fatigues and claim to be war veterans while soliciting drivers for cash at South Florida street corners. But are they? The CBS4 I-Team Reporter Stephen Stock investigates the Disabled Veterans Foundation’s fundraising.


Are the vets collected money really legit? Stephen Stock investigates.

Disabled Vets Scam

They claim to have fought for our freedom. But are the men in military fatigues asking for money on local street corners… really American soldiers raising cash to help disabled veterans?


(Source: AP)

Airport Close Calls Cause Federal Action

The number of close calls at our nation’s airports has climbed so dramatically it has gotten the attention of Congress; and that has prompted the FAA to try some high tech solutions on the ground at one local airport here in South Florida.


(Source: CBS4)

Feds Seize Records From Several Miami Pharmacies

Medicare fraud spilled over into the heart of Miami-Dade County’s government center Wednesday morning.


Planes are flying across the Atlantic Ocean without life rafts. Stephen Stock asks how this can happen.

No Life Rafts on Board

The I-Team has discovered that for the past 20 years, the FAA has allowed commercial airlines to fly without basic life rafts on routes crossing the Atlantic Ocean to Caribbean.



I-Team: Failure to Communicate

It’s been ten years since the 9/11 attacks laid bare the fact that police and firefighters couldn’t talk with one another at the World Trade Center. But it wasn’t just New York City first responders who’ve had to battle incompatible radio systems. A decade later… there remains a nationwide failure to communicate.


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I-Team: 9/11 Search Video Rarely Seen

Few of us will ever forget what they saw ten years ago when two planes collided with the World Trade Center causing both towers to collapse. But there are other pictures and video from that time that have never become public…. until now.



I-Team: Medicare Fraud Madness in Miami

The largest medicare fraud bust in history was announced today, and South Florida had the dubious distinction of racking up more than half of the money allegedly stolen from U.S. taxpayers.



I-Team: Major Medicare Fraud Bust Targets Miami Clinics

Federal agents stormed homes and offices at dawn this morning as part of a major Medicare fraud bust in and around Miami. The crime: $165 million dollars allegedly stolen from U.S. taxpayers.