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2011 Marked End Of An Era For NASA

2011 marked the end of an era as NASA retired its manned space shuttles after 30 years in space. As the shuttles were packed off for their final resting places in a handful of museums, NASA turned its attention to the future of manned space travel and possibly trips to an asteroid and Mars.


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FAA Tries To Curb Pilot Fatigue

Two years after CBS4 Investigates first reported on the crisis of pilot fatigue, the FAA has finally taken action to battle the dangers of pilot fatigue.


Fake ID's

CBS4 Investigates: Undetectable Fake ID’s

Using a fake ID to get into bars and nightclubs has always been a rite of passage for underage students. But CBS4 Investigator Stephen Stock says Homeland Security officials are so concerned about the fake IDs being made in China today, that they now consider them a national security threat.


Fake IDs were once a right of passage. Now they can be a deadly danger!

Fake ID Dangers

What was once a right of passage for underage students wanting to get into bars has now become a national security threat.


Hundreds waited in line for hours in Little Havana for a free food voucher.

Long Lines For Free Holiday Food Vouchers

Hundreds of South Floridians lined up in Little Havana overnight for a chance to feed their families this holiday.


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CBS4 Investigates: Miami’s Pipes Going Down The Drain

As water and sewage lines continue to break across Miami-Dade County, CBS4 investigator Stephen Stock has discovered the fixes for the system could cost taxpayers more than a billion dollars.



CBS4 Investigates: Radio Calls Document Second Inter-Agency Incident

CBS4 Investigates has learned of new details in the incident involving a City of Miami police officer pulling over a Florida Highway Patrol trooper back on November 8, 2011.


surveillance cameras

CBS Investigates: Who’s Watching You?

The CBS hit drama “Person of Interest” certainly has the interest of those who love suspense based on cutting edge technology. But how much of it is real? CBS4 Investigates decided to track those who can track you and discovered that these days fiction isn’t that far from reality.



CBS Investigates: Near Mid-Air Collision Over MIA

More than 400 people could have died in the skies over Miami in August, if not for an air traffic controller who saved the day. CBS4 Investigator Stephen Stock uncovers the video and audio of this near mid-air collision and talks to the controller.



Who’s Watching You?

Thursday night, November 4 at 11 PM on CBS4 —— They are everywhere: cameras and monitoring devices that watch your every move…and you likely don’t even know it. Stephen Stock demonstrates how prevelant monitoring devices are in […]