State Budget

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LIP Deal Struck As Budget Talks Continue

Lawmakers have agreed on a formula to divvy up about $2 billion in local, state and federal funding for hospitals that care for large numbers of low-income patients.


Members of the Florida House bow their heads in pr

Florida House Scales Back Size Of Proposed Tax Cuts

A new tax cut package, proposed by House Republicans, could mean a small tax break on Floridians’ cellphone bills.


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Gov. Scott Says He Will Work On New Budget For State

Gov. Rick Scott has promised to help work on a new state budget.


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Gov. Scott Unveils $77 Billion State Budget Proposal

Nearly $700 million in tax cuts are included in Governor Rick Scott’s $77 billion budget in the coming year.


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Senator Votes For State Budget Despite Not Being At Capitol

Politicians often have to prioritize items because of time constraints. For state Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto, the priority may be money and Sarah Palin over government business and voters.

CBS Miami–04/04/2014

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Budget Surplus Turns Into Windfall For State Social Services

The upcoming year’s state budget surplus will turn into a windfall for social services programs. The new 2013-14 budget provides new money to many programs for the first time in five years.


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Miami-Dade Scores Big Share Of State Dollars

Miami-Dade was the big winner when it came to state money handed out to counties after Gov. Scott signed the new $74.5 billion budget on Monday.


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Gov. Scott Signs Budget, Vetoes Tuition Hikes

With the stroke of a pen, Governor Rick Scott signed the 2013-2014 $74.5 billion budget into law on Monday.



Gov. Scott To Veto Tuition Increase

Florida college students will be happy to know that Gov. Rick Scott will veto the three percent tuition hike for college and university students.


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Legislature Ready To Pass State Budget

The Florida Legislature appears poised to give final approval to the state’s $74.5 billion budget and send it to Governor Rick Scott’s desk Friday.

CBS Miami–05/03/2013