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$70 Billion Budget Heads For Gov. Scott’s Desk

Florida lawmakers signed off late Friday on a $70 billion budget that doesn’t raise taxes, but eliminates thousands of jobs, slashes money going to hospitals and universities, and raises college tuition rates. The budget was the last significant action they took before adjourning the 2012 Legislative session at Midnight, the last possible moment.



FL University Presidents Warn Of Closures If Spending Cuts Persist

The budget passed out of the Florida Senate last week slashes state funding to the eleven public universities by $400 million.


Holiday shoppers

Give Yourself A Holiday Gift

One for them… and one for me! If buying gifts for yourself is your holiday shopping philosophy, you aren’t alone. As CBS4’s Jorge Estevez explains… self-gifting is the newest trend that probably never went out of style.



Cuba Travel, Money Restrictions Dropped From Fed Budget Bill

If you travel to Cuba to visit family, or send money to support relatives, you may be able to rest easy. A plan by a South Florida congressman to restrict interaction with people on the island, restoring restrictions to those imposed in the Bush administration, was cut from a $1 trillion US Budget bill.


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Scott Releases 2012-2013 Budget

Florida Governor Rick Scott will release his 2012-2013 budget Wednesday that will have to tackle a projected $2 billion shortfall without raising taxes.


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Romney Pitches Medicare Vouchers

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney unveiled his plan to completely overhaul Medicare, which will directly impact millions of Floridians.


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Fiscal 4th Quarter Begins With Mixed Results

The fourth fiscal quarter has gotten off to a rocky start on Wall Street; but there are new signs the U.S. economy is improving, even if it’s just minor gains.


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Despite Debate, S. Fla. Small Businesses Thrive With Government Loans

Many small South Florida companies are getting a reprieve from a small business loan from the government, while some politicians say it’s unnecessary spending.


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Gift Giving Guide To Father’s Day

With Father’s Day around the corner, millions of Americans are opening up their wallets to buy something special for dear old dad.



Religious Spending Amendment Up For Vote

A proposed constitutional amendment that would repeal Florida’s ban on state aid to churches and other religious organizations faces a final vote in the Senate Friday.