Another ISS Spacewalk & A Selfie That's Out Of This WorldAstronauts Barry "Butch" Wilmore and Terry Virts floated outside the International Space Station Wednesday for the second of three spacewalks.
Second Spacewalk In 2 Weeks At Int'l Space StationFor the second week in a row, astronauts are spacewalking at the International Space Station.
Astronauts To Release Tiny Satellite During SpacewalkA pair of Russian astronauts aboard the International Space Station performed a couple of housekeeping tasks during a spacewalk.
Spacewalking Astronauts Install New AntennaA pair of Russian astronauts installed a new antenna and moved a cargo boom outside the International Space Station during an arduous spacewalk.
Astronauts Go On Spacewalk To Tackle Urgent Repair JobA couple of astronauts on board the International Space Station are going for spacewalk Tuesday to replace a dead computer and get their orbiting home back up to full strength.
NASA: Computer Outage May Force SpacewalkAstronauts may be forced to venture out on a spacewalk due to a computer outage at the International Space Station.
New Space Station Cameras Have Glitches A pair of Russian astronauts wrapped up a camera job and several other things on their to-do list with a spacewalk on Monday.
Astronauts Complete Rare Christmas Eve SpacewalkTwo American astronauts flew higher than Santa Tuesday as they took part in a rare Christmas Eve spacewalk to pop in a new pump for the space station's cooling system.
NASA Orders Emergency Spacewalk Repairs At ISSThere is trouble aboard the International Space Station and two astronauts will have to perform an emergency spacewalk to fix a bad pump on an external cooling system.
Astronaut May Get Christmas Wish For SpacewalkMost people, for Christmas, ask for material things. But astronaut Rick Mastracchio, because of a broken cooling system at the spacestation, may actually get a spacewalk or two just in time for the holiday.
Astronaut With Flooded Helmet Felt Like GoldfishItaly’s first spacewalking astronaut, after a leak flooded his helmet with water Tuesday while trying to performance maintenance at International Space Station, believes he now knows what it feels like to be a goldfish.
Spacewalk Cut Short Due To Leak In Astronaut's Helmet A six-hour spacewalk, scheduled for continued maintenance at the International Space Station, was cut short Tuesday due to a dangerous leak in one of the astronaut’s helmets.
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