Space Station Hits Thrusters To Avoid Space JunkThe engine of the International Space Station was fired up Wednesday morning to move it out of the way of some passing space junk.
Space Station Fires Up Thrusters To Avoid Space JunkThe crew of the International Space Station fired up the orbiting platform's on-board thrusters to dodge part of an old satellite.
Rocket Debris To Miss International Space StationNASA has given the three astronauts aboard the International Space Station the all clear concerning two pieces of space junk heading it their general direction.
Space Station Succcessfully Dodges Cosmic JunkThe International Space Station has successfully dodged another piece of cosmic space junk.
Heads Up! Satellite Still On For Friday Freefall From SpaceHeads up! The debris of a giant 6-ton satellite is getting closer to Earth and NASA is closer to knowing where, or actually where it won’t crash into the planet on Friday.
NASA: Satellite Pieces To Hit Earth In A WeekThe debris of a giant satellite will crash land on Earth in about a week.
NASA Monitoring Floating Junk Heading Toward Space StationA piece of space junk hurtling toward the International Space Station is expected to make its closet approach on Tuesday, right in the middle of a planned spacewalk.
Space Junk Forces Astronauts Into CapsuleNASA ordered the three astronauts on the International Space Station to seek shelter inside a Soyuz space capsule when a small piece of space debris drifted dangerously close to the orbiting platform.

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