Snake Bite

Indian Speckled Cobra (Source: Kamalnv/

Woman In Critical Condition After Being Bitten By Cobra At Wildlife Sanctuary

While cleaning a cage, an employee at a wildlife sanctuary was bitten by a cobra, wildlife officials said.


Diamondback Rattlesnake

Hollywood Man Bitten By Rattlesnake

A Hollywood man had to be treated after he was bitten by a poisonous snake–the second snake incident in a week.


Park ranger Anthony Terry (left) and Lt. Lisa Wood with the Miami-Dade Anti-Venom Unit talk about the rattlesnake that bit Terry. (Source: CBS4)

Everglades Ranger Bitten By Rattlesnake Speaks About Ordeal

Thanks to a rescue chopper and 28 vials of anti-venom pumped into his body, Everglades National Park ranger Anthony Terry is alive today.

CBS Miami–10/04/2013

A teenager boy was bitten by this snake in Miramar Friday afternoon. (CBS4)

Teen Hospitalized After Being Bitten By Snake

A 16 year old is recovering in the hospital after a dangerous encounter with a venomous snake.


Robert Hughson  (Source: CBS4)

Coral Snake Bite Survivor’s Slow Recovery

A Miramar man is still unable to walk and has trouble talking after a coral snake bit him on the ankle nearly a week ago.



Miramar Man Recovering After Venomous Snake Bite

A South Florida man is recovering from nearly dying from a snake bite.


Indian Speckled Cobra (Source: Kamalnv/

Woman Bitten By Cobra At Seminole Indian Pow-Wow

A professional snake handler was rushed to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood after she was bitten by an Indian speckled cobra on Saturday.



Pembroke Pines Woman Recovering From Snake Bite

Darlene Cyr-Cutrone walked outside Friday afternoon to clean up after her two boys — ages 14 and 11 — finished playing. As she picked up a chair laying in the grass, she felt a pinch on her left hand.


The woman was bitten by a cottonmouth snake, similar to this one shown, and was rushed to the hospital. (Source: Suncoast Herpetological Society)

Pembroke Pines Woman Recovering After Water Moccasin Snake Bite

A Pembroke Pines woman is in fair condition Saturday after she was bitten by a venomous snake in her backyard and hospitalized, authorities said.


Bill Haast poses in front of a cement serpent in this undated photo taken at the old Serpentarium in Miami. (HO / Nancy Haast)

Creator Of Miami Serpentarium Dies At 100

The man who mesmerized generations of paying customers from 1947 to 1984 by extracting venom at his Miami Serpentarium as a spine-tingling South Florida attraction is dead.