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Coral Gables Courthouse

Coral Gables Wants Residents To Get “Smart”

The City of Coral Gables is now offering their residents a ‘smart’ way to protect their homes and valuables.


(Source: CBS4)

Police: Teen Arrested After Stealing Laptop From Decoy Vehicle

In response to an increase in car burglaries, police set up a decoy vehicle, with a laptop inside, in the affected area of NW 7th Avenue and West Sunrise Boulevard.


Michael Jackson (Source: Ft. Lauderdale Police)

Police: Jackson No “Smooth Criminal”

A man taken into custody after a high tech sting in Ft. Lauderdale appeared before a judge Monday morning.


Michael Jackson (Source: Ft. Lauderdale Police)

Lauderdale Police Go High Tech To Catch A Thief

Ft. Lauderdale police went high tech to catch a crook after a rash of vehicle break-ins at the Beach Place parking garage.


(Source: CBS4)

FLPD Uses High-Tech Water To Catch Thieves

As a mist showers down onto a man from a spigot on the ceiling, some might think it’s a shower, but it’s not. It’s SmartWater.