Working While On Vacation Has Become Common, Mostly Thanks To SmartphonesSmartphones have made our lives easier in many ways.
iPhone Designer Worried About iPhone AddictionA former Apple executive who designed the iPod and iPhone wants Silicon Valley to do the right thing and help us put down our phones and tablets.
Being A Cell Phone Junkie Can Change Your BrainAre you one of those people who is constantly on or checking their phone? If so, you may have a bit of nomophobia.
Samsung Unveils New Galaxy Note 8It's finally here. Samsung is out with its latest phone which has several new features but the one getting the most attention is the battery.
Samsung Sending Fire Kits To Note 7 Customers; Nearly Doubles RecallSamsung is sending fire kits to its customers due to the risk their recalled Note 7 phones will catch fire.
US Regulators: Official Recall Of 1M Samsung Note 7 PhonesU.S. safety regulators announced a formal recall of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after fires led to injuries and property damage.
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: Stop Using Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is now urging all consumers to stop using their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones.
FAA Advises Against Turning On, Charging Samsung Galaxy Note 7 In FlightThere was a strange notice from the FAA about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones released Thursday.
Florida Man Claims Galaxy Note 7 Exploded, Destroyed VehicleMore trouble for Samsung in the wake of its Galaxy Note 7 recall due to battery explosions. Now, a Florida man claims his phone exploded and set his Jeep on fire.
Samsung Stops Sales Of Note 7 Over Exploding BatteriesAfter receiving reports that batteries in their new Galaxy Note 7 exploded when the phone was being charged, Samsung is recalling the series.
Lauren’s List: How To Avoid Roaming Charges On CellphonesMobile phone users know all too well what it's like to deal with pesky and often expensive roaming charges but how can you reduce the cost while traveling?
Experts: Research Before Trying To Sell Smartphone OnlineYou’ve probably heard about the various websites that will give you cash for your old electronics—including cell phones. But there is a consumer warning about the sites that seem to promise more than they are willing to deliver for the old devices.

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