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More Companies Waking Up To Napping Notion

Most people don’t get enough restful sleep at night which can lead to poor performance at work the following day. In fact, studies have shown out nation’s chronic exhaustion is costing companies billions of dollars each year.



Sleep And Your Newborn

A newborn is simultaneously one of the most joyful and stressful events in nearly every parents’ lives. Miami Children’s Hospital provided the following information about what to expect when your bundle of joy drifts off to sleep.


Melatonin (Source: CBS4)

More Parents Trying Melatonin To Help Kids Sleep

As many parents know, getting your child to sleep can sometimes be a monumental task. Now, more and more parents are turning to a supplement called melatonin to get their children to fall asleep at night.



Bye-Bye Daylight Saving Time, Hello Standard Time

It’s time to get back that hour of sleep you lost last spring with the return of Standard Time.



Something Extra: Most Sleep-Deprived Cities

If you were yawning right during the 6 o’clock news, I may have to take it personally, because South Floridians are getting more sleep than people in most U.S. cities.


Zeo Chart

Does The ZEO Help You Get Your ZZZZZ?

People are obsessed with sleep. They’re concerned: Do I sleep enough? Do I sleep too much? Why am I so tired in the morning? Now there’s a device you hook up through your smart phone and answer the questions keeping up up at night. As CBS4’s Cynthia Demos tells us, it’s called the ‘ZEO.’



A Blue Light Warning For The Sleep Deprived

It’s a startling statistic. Two-thirds of Americans say they’re not getting enough sleep at night. From computers and cell phones to televisions and alarm clocks… we spend our nights by the glow of gadgets.



Dream Water: Sleep In A Bottle

We’ve all been through it: sleepless nights. There is the tossing and turning to no end… your brain won’t shut off or the aggravation of outside noise. Some try sleeping pills, while others go for something less aggressive. CBS4’s Vanessa Borge put Dream Water to the test.



S. Fla. Businessman Provided Blessed Bedding For Pope’s Cuba Trip

Being the spiritual leader of one billion Catholics worldwide can be tiring. So when 84-year-old Pope Benedict XVI travels to Cuba to celebrate masses, meet with the country’s leaders, and bless ordinary Cubans, the church wants to make sure the pontiff will be well rested.


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Needing Eight Hours of Sleep: Truth or Myth?

Eight hours of solid sleep… we’ve all been told we need that to get a proper night’s rest. But now, there’s a growing body of research that says you might want to think twice.





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