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Pediatricians’ Rx For Schools: Later Start Times

Pediatricians have a new prescription for schools: later start times for teens.


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Separating Nightmare Myths From Reality

Nightmares, we all have them occasionally, but why? What causes them? Are there ways to stop them? Do spicy foods play a role? What about the temperature of the room you sleep in?


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Feeling Cranky? Lack Of Sleep May Be To Blame

Ground-breaking research at Nova Southeastern University is focusing on the link between your sleep habits and your level of emotion volatility.


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How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Whether it’s a business trip, vacation with family or a solo venture, there’s nothing much worse than feeling under the weather or having an upset stomach from unhealthy foods. Here are 10 tips to stay healthy while traveling.


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Poor Sleep May Make Your Skin Age Faster

There are several factors that can make your skin age faster, but poor sleep might be one you hadn’t thought of.



Set Clocks Back This Weekend For End Of Daylight Saving Time

South Floridians and the rest of the nation are about to get back that hour of sleep lost last spring with the return of Standard Time.

CBS Miami–11/01/2013

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Study: Adult Sleepwalking On The Rise

A new study shows that as many as one in three adults recall sleepwalking at some point in their lives.

CBS Miami–08/20/2013

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The Dangers Of Driving Drowsy

It’s a common thing that people do, get behind the wheel on little to no sleep. While many think they won’t fall asleep while driving, it happens and it can be deadly.

CBS Miami–06/04/2013

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Sleeping With Someone May Help You Get A Better Rest

Would you get a better night’s sleep if you slept next to someone or slept alone?

CBS Miami–05/21/2013

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Expert Looks At Myths Surrounding A Good Night’s Sleep

Are you getting the kind of sleep you should be? Dr. Daniel Buysse, with the University of Pittsburgh’s Sleep Institute, said what you think about getting a good night’s sleep may not be true.




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