Two Men Install Skimmer Devices At Davie Gas StationTwo men were caught on surveillance video installing skimmer devices at gas pumps in Davie on Wednesday night.
Identity Thieves Laying Traps At Gasoline PumpsIt's one of the last retail outlets where credit cards are still "swiped," rather than inserted for chip reading.
Crooks Using Bluetooth To Steal At Gas PumpsThe most obviously way drivers can fight back against the new Bluetooth skimmers is to stop using plastic and stay away from the outside kiosks when buying gas.
Scott Signs Skimmer Ban, Medicine Age LimitA proposal to crack down on people using electronic "skimmers" to steal credit-card or debit-card information at gas pumps was among 14 bills signed into law Friday by Gov. Rick Scott.
Skimmers Hit Hess Stations; Customers' Info CompromisedIf you fill up your tank at a Hess gas station, you will want to pay extra close attention to your bank accounts.
Skimmer Scam Discovered At Sea Ranch Lakes ATMAn alert customer at a South Florida ATM helped stop a skimming scam in its tracks.
Cyber Criminals Skimming ATM'sWhen you put your ATM card into the machine, you may not know it, but you’re giving an identity thief all the information they need for free access to your bank account.

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