(Source: Florida Department of Transportation)

State To Spend Millions On New “Welcome To Florida” Signs

Once drivers hit the the Florida state line, they will definitely know it. Next year visitors will be greeted by new eye catching Welcome to Florida” signs.

CBS Miami–01/16/2014

(Source: Kari Webber Vidal)

Building In S. Florida Has “Clereance” Problem

Students, and journalists, find out all the time just how critical spelling can be to success. But one complex in South Florida may need a quick spelling refresher.

CBS Miami–02/15/2013

(Source: CBS4)

‘Scohol’ Zone Opens In Broward County

Based on a new road sign, a Broward County contractor may have skipped school the day spelling was being taught.



Fla. Mom Forces Son To Stand On Street With Sign For Bad Grades

Wearing a sign around his neck that read, “Honk if I need an education,” 15-year-old James Mond III stood for nearly four hours on a Tampa street corner after his wanted to teach him a lesson.