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Shooting Spree


Lawsuit Filed In Deadly Thanksgiving Rampage

Nearly two years after a six-year-old South Florida girl, and three others, were killed in a Thanksgiving Day massacre, the family of the youngest victim has filed a lawsuit.


Paul Mehrige in the back of a US Marshal's service van after his arrest in Long Key. The picture was snapped by a crew for the TV program America's Most Wanted. (Source: America's Most Wanted)

Parents Could Have Stopped Mehrige Massacre, Lawsuit Claims

The parents of a six year old girl killed in the Thanksgiving 2009 shooting spree for which Paul Merhige faces multiple murder charges dropped a bombshell Wednesday when they said they would sue his mother and father. The suit will claim the parents had ‘some sense’ Mehrige might kill at the family gathering, but did nothing to stop him or warn others.



Man In Dunkin Donuts Shooting Spree Gets 9 Life Terms

A Lauderhill man convicted in July of a shooting spree at a Palm Beach County Dunkin Donuts store will die in prison, after he was sentenced Friday to 9 life terms for the crimes involved in the spree, 5 of which will run consecutively. His response was to laugh at one of his victims.