Shark Migration

A pair of kayakers unknowingly paddled over a massive school of sharks Tuesday, March 19, 2013. (Source: CBS4)

Sharks Spotted Off Hillsboro Beach

Dozens and dozens of sharks were spotted just below the surface of the water off a private club in Hillsboro Beach.


Every year, thousands of sharks migrate off South Florida's shores. (Source: CBS4)

The Great Shark Count Off South Florida’s Shores

From a plane above you can see them. The massive amounts of black dots are presumably black tip sharks. The congregations are all along Palm Beach’s shoreline and slowly thins out as you move towards Miami-Dade County.



Thousands Of Migrating Sharks Spotted Off S. Fla. Beaches

South Florida’s ocean water is chilly to most swimmers right now — upper 60s to low 70s — but it’s no problem for sharks swimming north in an annual migration that spooks most people out of the water.