Shamira Pisciotti

Source: CBS4

Firefighters Called To Hialeah Shooter’s Apt. As Families Mourn

Sunday night, firefighters and police put on gloves and forced their way into the apartment where the Hialeah shooting rampage all started.


Source: CBS4

Families Devastated By Hialeah Shooting Rampage

The families of the six people killed are talking about what happened to their loved ones inside a Hialeah apartment complex Friday night.


Hialeah Police are looking for a man who opened fire in an apartment building Friday night, killing two people. (CBS4)

Victims And Gunman Identified In Hialeah Mass Shooting

Police believe a shootout in Hialeah that left 7 dead, including the gunman, might be one of the deadliest mass shootings in the city’s history. The ordeal lasted approximately eight hours, ending when the SWAT team took down the suspected gunman that had barricaded himself in an apartment holding two people hostage.