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(Source: CBS)

STD Contraction Among Florida’s Seniors On The Rise

Among Americans 55 years and older, cases of sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise. The problem is so bad, Medicare may soon add STD screenings as a covered benefit.



Big Spike Recorded In Older Drug, Alcohol Addicts

Substance abuse treatment professionals are dealing with an influx of older addicts and bracing for even more. According to federal statistics, a remarkable shift in the number of older adults reporting substance abuse problems is making this scene more common.



Fed. Government Shutdown Looms

As the final hours tick down to keep the government funded, President Barack Obama has started the process of shutting down the federal government. But, many parts of the government that impact Floridians will likely keep running.



Seniors Strike A Pose In Yoga Class

Keeping seniors active can be key to both their mental and physical health. There’s now a new way for seniors to stay active thanks to a special kind of Yoga class geared specifically for seniors.