(Source: Janice Williams) Roger Sawyer, an Oregon man who disappeared March 5th in Everglades National P{ark at Flamingo

No Trace Of Man Missing 30 Days In Everglades Park

One month after his disappearance during a camping trip, the family of an Oregon man missing in Everglades National Park still hopes he will be found safe.


(Source: CBS4)

Miami Real Estate Searches Rise In 2010 found that Miami was the fifth most searched city when it comes to real estate.


Fins Fiasco Finally Finished*

For the first time in my 27 years on this earth, the events of the 10+ days have made me questions supporting this team from here on out.


I-Team: Brothers To The Rescue Declassified

Even as the administration of President Barack Obama has begun reaching out to Cuba and relations between to two countries move closer and closer to thawing; the CBS4 I-Team has obtained once secret documents that raise questions about whether Fidel Castro ever truly wants normal relations with the United States.