School Violence

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Student Serving Legal “Time Out” For Punching Teacher

A Sunrise Middle School student who reportedly punched his teacher has been given a legal time out.


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Parents & Students Say No To Horseplay After Student Body-Slammed

Parents and students say they are changing the way they think about horseplay after a student is now recovering from spinal surgery after he says he was body-slammed at school.


Alberto Carvalho, superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools.  (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Carvalho Announced Initiative To Curb School Violence

Miami-Dade schools announced a plan to curb violence in and around schools. It calls for increased security measures, education and conflict resolution, and cooperation between schools and outside agencies.

CBS Miami–09/20/2013

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Miami-Dade School, City Chiefs Address Youth Safety

Some might call it the Newtown effect. In the wake of the shooting rampage that left 27 dead at Sandy Hook Elementary; South Florida agencies gathered Friday to see what they could do to prevent similar tragedy from striking here.


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Florida Lawmakers Discuss Increasing School Safety Spending

Florida lawmakers appear to be moving toward increasing spending on school-safety spending and change the way law enforcement officers posted at schools are funded.


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Book Bags Banned At Some Local Schools

Some school officials in South Florida are taking no chances over the next 48 hours as rumors of possible shootings and other violence have taken hold with Friday being the one week anniversary of the deadly Connecticut school shootings.

CBS Miami–12/20/2012

Hundreds of students in the City of Miami took a pledge against violence Friday Sept. 28, 2012. (Source: CBS4)

Miami Students Take Pledge Against Violence, Bullying

Hundreds of students in the City of Miami took a pledge against violence Friday.


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11 Students Arrested In NE High School Fight

Nearly a dozen students were led away in handcuffs Wednesday morning after a large fight broke out at Northeast High School in Oakland Park.