School Prayer

(Photo Credit: Office of Governor)

Scott Still Thinking On School Prayer, Drug Testing Bills

Two bills likely to end up in court if they are signed into law are still getting the once over, Gov. Rick Scott said Wednesday, and he declined to say definitively that he will sign them, even though he agrees with them in principal.


Florida Legislature. (Source: AP)

Epic Legislative Logjam Winding Down In Tallahassee

The Florida Legislature is scheduled to end its regular session this week. Say amen.


Florida Legislature. (Source: AP)

“Inspirational Messages” Bill Passes In House

Students who wish to deliver “inspirational messages” at school events may soon be able to do so. On Thursday the Florida House approved SB 98 on nearly a partly line vote which now sends it to Gov. Rick Scott’s desk for approval.


School Prayer

School Prayer Bill Passes Fla. Senate, Heads To House

The Florida Senate has passed a measure that will allow school districts to let students offer inspirational messages, including prayer, at school events as long as adults stay out of the way.


School Prayer

School Prayer Bill Advances In State Senate

While the school prayer issue has been dormant, it’s coming back up again in the Florida State Senate. A new bill seeks to allow prayers at school events such as graduations or assemblies.