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Miami Commissioners Slam Managers Over Budget Surprise

Commissioners were steaming, less than a day after learning that Miami finished the fiscal year with a budget surplus of some $45 million. That’s a figure nearly six times what managers had previously reported.

CBS Miami–11/15/2012

Miami Sex Offender Camp (Source: Walter Michot / Miami Herald Staff)

Miami Commission Sues State Over Sex Offenders

The Miami City Commission is taking up its battle against homeless sex offenders again. Thursday, the commission voted to sue the state of Florida to stop sending sex offenders to live at the corner of NE 10th and 79th Street in Miami.


Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff   (Source: City Of Miami)

Sarnoff Faces Alleged Stalker In Court

Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff is used to taking his fair share of criticism. But he was facing a man in court Tuesday who allegedly went past criticism and began to threaten Sarnoff.


Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff   (Source: City Of Miami)

Sarnoff Scuffles With Detractor Outside His Coconut Grove Home

Coconut Grove resident Reid Welch says he is on a campaign to cost Miami City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff his re-election. The self-admitted propane huffer posts videos on You Tube showing him removing and spray painting Sarnoff’s re-election signs; signs he says are illegally posted.