Airport Hilton (Source:

Demolition Begins Tuesday On Airport Hilton’s Parking Garage

Demolition crews are scheduled to get to work Monday on tearing down the Airport Hilton’s two story parking garage. The garage and the hotel itself have to go to make way for a new runway at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.



Airport Acrimony Between Dania Beach And Broward Co. Could End

An end to the bitter legal fight between tiny Dania Beach and Broward County could be about to end.


A United flight from Fort Lauderdale slid off the runway in Cleveland on Friday, Feb. 22, 2013. (Source: CBS4)

Plane From Ft. Lauderdale Slides Off Runway In Ohio

A plane from Fort Lauderdale has slid off the runway at Hopkins Airport in Cleveland.


A teenager;s wishes comes tue thanks to help from the Make A Wish Foundation. (Source: CBS4)

Teen Gets ‘Wish’ To Become Super Model

A 13-year-old South Florida girl with a serious medical condition wishing to walk the runway finally had her dream come true thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation.


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Incentive Offered For Early Completion Of FLL Runway Upgrade

Homeowners annoyed by the noise of jets using an alternate runway at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport will get a reprieve sooner than expected.



I-Team: Trouble in the Tower

For the first time in the country, the CBS4 I-Team uncovers the true number of air traffic controllers making mistakes due to “fatigue,” and reveals a confidential FAA report on fatigue.


I-Team: Close Calls On The Rise

An alarming number of airplanes are getting too close and some federal officials want to know why. The CBS4 I-Team first warned you about close calls in our skies back in 2007. After the I-Team’s first report aired the problem appeared to improve as safety officials moved to address the issue and make improvements to the nation’s aviation safety system.

But now, as I-Team investigator Stephen Stock discovered, a growing number of close calls recently has gotten federal officials’ attention. Experts worry that unless something is done to reduce these mid-air close calls disaster could result.


The “Plane” Truth About Airline Close Calls

A CBS4 I-Team investigation has uncovered more troubling questions about your safety when you fly. For the first time, the CBS4 I-Team takes you behind the scenes in airport control towers where if you fly your life is literally in the hands of fewer and fewer air traffic controllers.


Dangerous Airport Close Calls Rise

There’s a growing crisis in the nation’s airports, but it has nothing to do with security. Instead, it’s your safety in the sky that’s at stake. The CBS4 I-Team spent the past four months digging through records many people don’t know exist and found there have been more close calls at local airports than passengers know.