Rotenberger Wildlife Management Area

Heavy rain created high-water conditions in portions of the Everglades. (Source: CBS4)

Everglades High Water Causing Animals Stress, Public Restrictions

South Florida’s relentless rain is causing the water to rise in the Florida Everglades and the water has risen so high, restrictions are being put in place at three Everglades Wildlife Management Areas.


A maleFlorida panther was released into the Everglades on April 3, 2013 after spending most of his life in captivity. (Source: FWC)

Panther Released To Everglades After Two Years In Captivity

An endangered Florida Panther was released in the Everglades after spending most of his life in captivity.


Florida Everglades

Restrictions Placed On Everglades Rec Area In North Broward

South Florida’s dry conditions and low water levels in parts of the Everglades have prompted wildlife officials to place restrictions on some recreation areas in parts of Broward and Palm Beach counties.