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(Source: Mark Sorenson, former House member from district 120

Keys Politico Sorenson Dead At 77

Mark Sorensen, former State Representative, Mayor of the Florida Keys and long time Monroe County Commissioner, died with his family by his side Friday, He was 77 years old.


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Florida House Passes Ban On Internet Cafe Games

By an overwhelming vote, the Florida House passed a measure Thursday which would ban so called ‘internet café games’.


Drug Testing

Florida House To Get State Employee Drug-Test Bill

A bill that would allow the State of Florida to randomly test many state employees for drugs passed a key House committee friday, even though the idea may not meet constitutional requirements.


Drug Testing

Replacement Drug Testing Bill Advances

A House committee Tuesday approved a revised proposal that would allow random drug testing of state employees, as a federal judge in Miami prepares to hear arguments Wednesday about a similar testing plan by Gov. Rick Scott.


Rick Scott

Fla. Gov. Scott Has Same Goals, New Realistic Approach

Gov. Rick Scott is going into his second legislative session with the same priorities — creating jobs and making the state more business friendly — but this time around his goals are more realistic.