Robbie’s Marina


Best Places In South Florida To Feed The Tarpon

South Florida isn’t just known for its tarpon fishing, it’s also famous for its tarpon feeding where you feed the tarpon. Some popular locations include Robbie’s Marina and the 15th Street Fisheries at Lauderdale Marina.


(Source: CBS4) CBS4's Jeff Berardelli shows off his Wahoo catch.

Aquatic Adventures: Yahoo For Wahoo

In today’s Aquatic Adventure, CBS4’s Jeff Berardelli takes you to a special fishing spot in the Florida Keys where the Wahoo are biting thanks to a large piece of driftwood but they don’t give in without a fight.



Aquatic Adventures: Tuna Is Fun To Catch, Tasty To Eat

In this week’s Aquatic Adventures, fishing for one of the tastiest fish in the ocean. But did you know that Tuna is more exhilarating to catch then it is tasty to eat?


aquatic adventure

Aquatic Adventures: Marvelous Mahi Mahi Fishing

CBS4’s Jeff Beraradelli goes fishing for Mahi Mahi off Islamorada and boy were the fishing jumping!



Aquatic Adventures: Feeding The Tarpon At Robbie’s Marina

In this week’s Aquatic Adventures, CBS4’s Jeff Berardelli takes you down to a legendary Keys (Islamorada) landmark named Robbie’s.