Rick Folbaum

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Stephen Colbert Sings The News With CBS4’s Rick Folbaum

Colbert is also known for his musical performances, which gave Rick Folbaum an idea when he recently flew up to New York to talk to him.

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Did Stephen Colbert Ever Dream Of Being A Late Night Show Host?

CBS4 Anchor Rick Folbaum got a chance to sit down with the Stephen Colbert.


Pope Francis waves at the faithful on St. Peter's square on April 15, 2014 after his weekly general audience at the Vatican. (Photo by Vincenzo Pinto/Getty Images)

Pope Says Women Who’ve Had Abortions Can Be Pardoned

Pope Francis made a surprising announcement Tuesday, just weeks before his historic trip to the U.S. and Cuba


Jared Fogle (C) walks out of the courthouse on August 19, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Fogle is expected to plead guilty to federal charges relating to child pornography and having sex with minors. (Photo by Joey Foley/Getty Images)

Sarasota Woman Says She Worked With FBI To Take Down Jared Fogle

A Sarasota woman says she worked with the FBI for years to bring down Subway spokesman Jared Fogle.


American flag flies at US embassy in Cuba. 8/14/15 (Source: CBS4)

Kerry On The Ground As U.S. Flag Flies In Cuba After 54 Years

The American flag is flying in Cuba for the first time in 54 years.


Bare flag poles across the street from the US Embassy in Havana.  (Source: CBS4)

Signs Of Change In Havana Ahead Of Embassy Re-Opening

Signs of change in Havana as the U.S. prepares to re-open their embassy. CBS4 anchor Rick Folbaum is in the capital city for the official flag raising ceremony and noticed something significant right across the street from the building which houses the embassy.


Cuba (Source: CBS4)

Cubans Express Their Hopes For The Coming Change

CBS4 News anchor Rick Folbaum went into Havana on Thursday to get the reaction of Cubans the day before the American flag rises on the island country after 54 years.


Cuba (Source: CBS4)

Cuba Reopening Puts Into Question What Will Change

Cuba has been closed off for so long but little by little, it’s starting to open up.


Many Cubans are getting their first taste of the web as the country sets up Wi-Fi hubs.
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Internet Access Gives Cubans 1st Look At Outside World

What most Americans take for granted, Cubans are just now getting a taste of – the World Wide Web.


U.S. Embassy In Havana (Source: CBS4)

Amid Opposition, Preps Continue For U.S. Embassy In Cuba

As preps are underway for the reopening of the Cuban embassy, there are mixed feelings about the American flag flying in the island nation.